We are the medium - the context - the source of networked creativity.

Long time ago, I used to write in English, mainly because it was the dominant language on the internet, and specially because latinamerica has (and I have to admit this) major flaws in philosophy-theory-internet integration. Most I would say erudits, Phds theorititians from this part of the world do not participate in internet life unless it is required or comes from a well known, established media.
This leaves us with an extremely institutionalized corps of people whose input could somehow change or improve the view that we can develop of our own particular reality.
Years ago, after the internet bursted into a more massive and participative media, I decided to stop talking English. I felt the need of expressing the entire world in my own language, no matter if that would mean less feedback or even none.
Now I see that this decision has had strong consecuences in the way I speak and write this language that I used to mage fluently. I now speak and think in English as a Latin american, which is ok, because that's what I am, and that's how the process of becoming what I am manifests itself in the lingüistic approach of my own communication.
So I hope no one bothers much with my latino English, and I also hope I will start remembering words and expressions as soon as I start writing.


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